Possible bug in intellisense?

Please refer to the attached image, quite often there are false errors where structures and typedef’s in include files are not recognised. Some times it goes away after a build is successful, however you can see in this case the build has completed successfully, but the errors are still showing. I have tried rebuild intellisense, but rebuild intellisense only takes out some of these false errors other false errors do remain.


So what is the contents of the PROBLEMS (9) window? Also full PlatformIO project for reproduction please (preferably github or google drive)

After I restarted the IDE, the errors have reduced to 1. you can see the problem window in this image

the structure region_layer_t is present in the fiile region_layer.h which is in the include folder. The code compiles without any error.

If you still need the code, I will upload and provide you the link

What’s the exact code? How is region_layer.h implemented and how is it included?

After rebooting, I am no longer seeing that error. Its a normal include file nothing fancy. I have noticed this on several occassions with different set of codes. I will update this thread when I can reproduce the error once again. It appears to be some cached error messages not getting cleared up.