Porting platforms to OpenBSD

I’d like to port platformIO to OpenBSD (and I can help build and host toolchains), but I’m not sure where to start. How does one go about supporting additional operating systems?


PlatformIO is predominately Python based, so the first step is probably going to be as simple as making any changes needed to get it running on OpenBSD - any package variations or path changes needed to make it happy. I’d then pick a framework / toolchain, and get that working… the rest should fall into place then. You’ll want to become very familar with the platformio-core, platformio-home and platformio-node-helpers repos. Most, if not all, of the toolchain packages are hosted on bintray (directory listing).

Hopefully that is enough to get you started! Be nice to see another OS on the list! :wink:

Awesome, I plan on getting started by trying to build and deploy a target I know we have a toolchain in ports (our package system) for; right now, a pio run fails on the toolchain so I’ll start looking into that. Thanks!

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