Portenta H7 upload error 74

Hello there,
I am having problems uploading my firmware to a new Portenta H7 with STM32.
The error is

Cannot open DFU device 2341:035b found on devnum 17 (LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_FOUND)
No DFU capable USB device available
*** [upload] Error 74

The board gets recognized in the device manager though it shows on different ports if disconnected and reconnected to the same plug.

The platformio.ini file looks like this:


platform = ststm32

board = portenta_h7_m7

framework = arduino

upload_protocol = dfu

lib_deps =


I don’t really know how to start adressing this problem. I tried all the other upload_protocols but none of those succeeded in uploading the code and also resulted in an error. I also tried to put the Portenta into Bootloader mode (double pressing the reset button), which also did not make a difference.

Is the Arduino IDE capable of uploading to your device? You may just need a driver that the Arduino IDE installs.

Thank you very much, that was an obvious fix…
Though, I am confused why the driver is not directly downloadable, at least I could not find it in the same time it took to install the Arduino IDE and set it up from there.
Also platfromio seems not to be able to put the board into bootloader mode automatically but that’s fine by me.

How did you install the driver arduino used on platform io please