Port Issue in the Device Manager


The COM Port is not detected in the PlatformIO. On searching for the issue, I found that the Port at the Device Manager contains an issue.

How can I solve this issue? I am running Windows 10 on my system.


Since the devices do have names they have drivers installed. So maybe something is wrong with the USB hub or cabling that it turns up an error. In any case, it should not be caused by PlatformIO. What is the exact error message when double clicking on each device?

Sillicon Labs Error

There has to be a connection Problem.

When running any program on the PlatformIO, the Available COM port shows
2: COM3 ‘Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM3)’.

Enter port index or full name: 2
UserSideException: could not open port ‘COM3’: FileNotFoundError(2, ‘The system cannot find the file specified.’, None, 2)

However, the red light is ON when connected to the USB Port.

Do those USB devices work on a different computer?

I have not used this particular ESP32 on a different system.

It resolved. The problem was the cable. I changed and it worked.

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