Please register a new library

Please add new library to the registry: GitHub - cybergibbons/DS2482_OneWire: A OneWire library using the DS2482 I2C->1-Wire bridge.

This is to support DS2482 - a bridge from I2C to 1-Wire interface.

I think @ivankravets can do that.

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The library owner or someone else can publish the library using Redirecting... command.

I have the same problem, the docs are not very useful. There should some concrete examples how to do, e.g. for a GitHub repository.

Could you check this docs Creating Library — PlatformIO latest documentation ?

In a case with GitHub - cybergibbons/DS2482_OneWire: A OneWire library using the DS2482 I2C->1-Wire bridge, you just need to add library.json, declare manifest, and publish to the registry using Redirecting...

I know how to prepare the library for publishing it, that is not my question.
The problem is your documentation about publishing libraries. After you changed the procedure it is absolut confusing.
what did you mean with pio package publish [<source directory, tar.gz or zip>] [OPTIONS] ?
I have following library at GitHub - sstaub/TickTwo: Ticker library for ESP and mbed based Arduino boards ,what is the command to publishing it?

These are optional arguments and flags. They also are documented. If you don’t specify a source of a library, the current working directory will be used.

The options are documented, but not the format of the <source directory, tar.gz or zip>
is the directory a path or what else, what must included in the zip or tar.gz file, the complete library … question over questions. I tried to get an answer for this for many month, no luck. Please give us concrete examples in the docs.