Please help me hardball a serial read

I don’t know if what I want to do can be done.
I got this particle sensor for air quality:

It has a really simple pinout- VCC, Gnd, RX, TX. It has a PWM pin.

I want to capture the serial output and figure out how to parse it.

I see someone used Software Serial, but he used stuff you don’t have to do correctly in Arduino, which doesn’t fly in PIO.
Do you know how to do this?

Well what microcontroller do you want to use for reading?




You can use a 3.3V based microcontroller (but still give it 5V supply voltage).

The baud rate is slow anyways, so SoftwareSerial can be used without problems.

Early basic attempts were with R32.
But I don’t think i understand how to power it. I’m giving it 5V, but the fan isn’t blowing. There’s no LED that I can see.