[Please add to registry] Pokitto lib

Just a friendly question. I ran platformio lib reg some time ago (36 hrs?).

Unfortunately there is no way to track the progress, and our users are asking already.

I would like to begin making tutorials.


Ok so its been over two days now.

I would like to demonstrate programming Pokitto to a class of teachers on monday and this is getting a bit urgent.

Adding via the lib registry would be the most suitable way of demonstrating to people who are not so familiar with git etc.

Can I have some sort of a comment on whether the matter is in a queue and if it is, what is the expected processing time for these registry requests?

As a bit of feedback, the user experience with PIO has been fantastic so far but in this aspect its kind of falling flat, especially if this kind of delay & no feedback mechanism is to be expected in all additions to the library registy.

Sorry, added PlatformIO Registry

We will think on the removing moderation.

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Excellent. Thanks.

In place of moderation, can I suggest rating-based moderation similar to what is used in WordPress plug-ins? A high score by many users means high confidence, low score to be cautious. A sort of a peer-approval system.