PlatfromIO doesn't support Renesas platforms yet?

PlatfromIO doesn’t support Renesas platforms yet ?
At this time when using renesas’ MCUs we are obliged to use the Eclipse based e²studio, which is not very practical…

Do you mean the board Add support for Renesas MCUs · Issue #4028 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub? If not, open a new issue there.

Not only this one it’s more General, there is no Renesas family boards it seems. When I type Renesas in the table of boards (legacy one in PIO IDE of course), it shows no results:

Yes, then Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub is the right place for that.

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Sorry I didn’t understand which issue I have to declare. I asked a question about the existence of Renesas board support.
If you have some infos about it, you’re welcome

The issue that there is no general Renesas board support in PlatformIO. (But please mention which exact board you have for reference). Creating an issue there makes the feature request trackable for the developers.

OK thank you, you confirm that Renesas aren’t yet supported. I don’t have a specific board in mind to mention, I was just asking a general question. I hope that Renesas will enter in the PIO ecosystem soon. Renesas IDE, tools and environement is not very easy to use.

I just added a comment here to support this existing feature request: