Platformio won't recognize programs libraries

Can somebody tell me what is going on here. I have read the Platformio documents, tired to get the LDF to use these libraries, went through the forums. With no luck. So I cut everything out of the main.cpp and the SparkFunBQ27441.h. It was only when I emptied the .h file did I stop getting the
“Framework incompatible library /home/pi/Documents/fuel_gauge/lib/SparkFunBQ27441” warning
Its is an empty program, if I even put a //comment in the .h file I get a warning. I believe this is a problem with Platformio. Because there is nothing left in my program, just an empty shell with #includes
Thank You

pi@PiCam:~/Documents/fuel_gauge $ pio run -v
[Fri Sep 8 01:13:09 2017] Processing raspberrypi_zero (platform: linux_arm; board: raspberrypi_zero; framework: wiringpi)

Framework incompatible library /home/pi/Documents/fuel_gauge/lib/SparkFunBQ27441
More details about “Library Compatibility Mode”: Redirecting...
Collected 1 compatible libraries
Looking for dependencies…
Project does not have dependencies
g++ -o .pioenvs/raspberrypi_zero/src/fuel_gauge.o -c -O2 -Wformat=2 -Wall -Winline -pipe -fPIC -DPLATFORMIO=30401 -DRASPBERRYPI -DRASPBERRYPIZERO -D_GNU_SOURCE -I/home/pi/.platformio/packages/framework-wiringpi/wiringPi -Isrc src/fuel_gauge.cpp
src/fuel_gauge.cpp:6:29: fatal error: SparkFunBQ27441.h: No such file or directory
#include SparkFunBQ27441.h
compilation terminated.
*** [.pioenvs/raspberrypi_zero/src/fuel_gauge.o] Error 1
=========================================== [ERROR] Took 7.06 seconds ===========================================

Fixed the problem. I deleted all the files created new files then cut and paste in the programs. Now it will build without a problem.