PlatformIO toolchain locations (toolchain-xtensa32 for example)


I’m tried to google latest toolchain for ESP32 but failed.
Where is server location which store all toolchain for PIO where I learn toolchain package version?

Currently I’m using toolchain-xtensa32 3.80200.20051 but I don’t know exact version of the latest one to specifiy it in platfromio.ini.

Actually I need GCC 9…

See How to recompile framework or update it? - #2 by maxgerhardt. PlatformIO operates on a CDN so there’s no single server location.

The lateset version is e.g.

There is no listed GCC 9 option. 8.4.0 is currently the latest.

Using platform_packages you can redirect the package source of toolchain-xtensa32 to a location on disk or an online repository. All you need is the compiled compiler package with a package.json sticked into the root of that directory with the version info. That file can e.g. be derived from the current version as I’ve linked above (or look in <home>/.platformio/packages/toolchain-xtensa32/package.json).

@maxgerhardt thanks a lot!