PlatformIO toolbar not showing in VS IDE

I’ve just restarted VSC after changing the default project location. I don’t see the normal PlatformIO toolbar. If I click on the ‘alien’, it just shows/hides the project tasks. I need to add libraries to the project but the toolbar button is no longer there. How do I make the toolbar visible again?

Feels like there is no PlatformIO project open in your current VS Code workspace.
Can you make a screenshot please?

The project is open in that I can compile and upload it:

Looks like you minimized it:

Ah ok. So theway to restore it is:

  1. Click the ‘alien’
  2. Click on ‘Quick access’
  3. Click on PIO Home → Open

Hope you can understand why someone might not have been able to find that by themselves. Maybe it should be marked with ‘Beware of the Leopard’ :slight_smile:

Anyway, many thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

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