PlatformIO TFT_eSPI+SD slot problem duplicate func

Hi all,
and thanks for accepting me in this community. I’ve just started to develop with ILI9341 and TFT_eSPI lib. Everything work perfectly, even the touchscreen. I’ve also added LVGL framework and is perfect (thanks Bodmer, great job).
But I’ve a worrying behaviour when I try to add SD library. When I execute the method SD.begin(…) I get this error:
[E][esp32-hal-cpu.c:93] addApbChangeCallback(): duplicate func=400D5FC8 arg=3FFBDCD8

I think it’s due to multiple instantiations of SPI object, but is there a solution?

Thanks in advance

PlatformIO is currently a version behind in regards to the Arduino-ESP32 version (Support for the latest Arduino v2.0 · Issue #619 · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub). Is your example still displaying these errors after you’ve switched to an experimental Arduino-ESP32 2.0.1 version per modified instructions per

Thank you very much for your hint. As soon as I’ve tried, I’ll be back with results.
Best regards