PlatformIO support for STM32F723 MCU

In the past I have used STM32CubeIDE to create bin files for an open-source firmware hosted on GitHub. This open-source firmware is made for a PCB with a STM32F723 MCU. I would like to switch from STM32CubeIDE to PlatformIO because using STM32CubeIDE is rather painful.

I decided to give PlatformIO a go, however I hit a brick wall pretty quickly. In the project wizard of PlatformIO I cannot find support for STM32F723 MCUs. In fact, the only search result for STM32F7 is this: STM32F7508-DK

Does this mean that it is not possible to use PlatformIO for STM32F723 MCUs?

PlatformIO does have a board definition for the Discovery F723 board, disco_f723ie.json. Try that one first.