PlatformIO Scripts not starting

I have a really strange behavior in PlatformIO (ESP devs). It is really great and I used it already for a long time without any issues. But from one day to another the scripts (build, upload etc.) are no more opening a new terminal and therefore do not start. This happens in all my arduino/esp projects!
I deinstalled the extension already and deleted the \user.platformio folder and reinstalled it again.
I also checked with the previous 2.x version and I also did not change any settings.
If I open PlatformIO Core CLI and start a script manually by typing everthing works.
Dev Console does not show anything.
Does anybody have an idea what is going wrong?
Thanks in advance!


Do you use the latest VSCode and PlatformIO IDE for VSCode versions?

Yes! As mentioned above I even de- and re-installed the AddOn and I also checked an older AddOn version.

Wanted to chime in that this happened to me today as well - I used PIO last a few weeks ago to compile Marlin for my printer, and it worked fine then…now, same behavior: clicking any action under “Project Tasks” doesn’t open a new terminal or output anything I can see. Also uninstalled and reinstalled the extension.

What is your VSCode and PlatfomIO IDE extension versions?


Version: 1.76.1
Commit: 5e805b79fcb6ba4c2d23712967df89a089da575b
Date: 2023-03-08T16:32:09.831Z
Electron: 19.1.11
Chromium: 102.0.5005.196
Node.js: 16.14.2
OS: Darwin x64 22.3.0
Sandboxed: Yes

PIO Extension: 3.0.0

Since yesterday the issue vanished.
There was an PIO update to 3.1.0

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upgraded to 3.1.0 but still clicking any of the tasks in any environment appears to do nothing, no new window, no activity.

Could you try to download this AVR project example? Does it work for you?

Downloaded and opened the resulting folder in VSCode. All the tasks and environments showed up but none of the actions appeared to do anything.

Please uninstall/disable ALL VSCode’s extensions and keep only 2: C/C++ by Microsoft + PlatformIO. Restart VSCode.

Does it work now?

It does work now. I’ll go about turning extensions back on and see at what point it stops working (if at all).

I took the opportunity to clean out a bunch of extensions I wasn’t using, and the various actions still seem to work. I’ll check on my other system and see if everything transferred over (I have settings and plugins synced).

Edit: it did, everything is working on the other build system as well.