PlatformIO run & upload buttons no more working after VSC update 1.22.1

Today my Visual Studio code on Windows 10 updated to

Version 1.22.1
Commit 950b8b0d37a9b7061b6f0d291837ccc4015f5ecd
Datum 2018-04-06T02:26:57.615Z
Shell 1.7.12
Renderer 58.0.3029.110
Node 7.9.0
Architektur x64

I have PlatformIO installed in version

Home 0.9.3·Core 3.5.3a8

After the VSC update, the buttons run and upload in the toolbar are not working properly:

After pressing “run” terminal windows opens showing

> Executing task: xxmypathxx\platformio.exe run <

But then nothing more happens.

If a manually open a terminal window and enter the platformio.exe run command, code compiles as usual.

I downgraded VSC to 1.21.1, fortunately now the buttons are working again.
So, Windows 10 VSC & PlatformIO users: beware of updating VSC to 1.22.1 until this bug is solved.

Just had the same problem. How did you downgrade?

on the VSC Website you find all older version for download. just reinstall it.

This is a VSCode bug

Please upgrade VSCode to the latest version

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