PlatformIO packages download is slow

I’m trying to download packages from PlatformIO, but it’s unbearably slow, and it’s been like that since yesterday. My internet connection appears to be fast and stable, so I’m guessing one of the mirrors in my region is faulty.


Hi, thanks for the report. We are checking this issue and will back to you with the updates soon.

Meanwhile, we disabled that CDN mirror and you can try downloading packages again. Does it work better now?

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Yes, much better! thank you !!

Looks like it is happening again?

Could you try this link directly, what is your speed?

Looks like it’s working now…

I have the same issue. With PlatformIO it takes hours to download. And when i try the provided link. It also take around 4 hours o download.
With i get 50Mbit. So that shouldn’t be the problem.

How to get it working again?

We found the problem and have fixed it on our side. Could you check again this link?

Now it works as it should. Thanks for the fast fix.

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