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PlatformIO on VS Code upload button behaviour modification request

I think should be better to distinguish clearly between build and upload button on the PlatformIO task bar. Actually the upload button before upload builds the application that in case of large applications also checking if it is updated or not means loosing time.
If you do not think it is a good idea to modify its behaviour, please think to add a setting option to define the behaviour of the upload button (build and upload or only upload).

As far as I’m aware, if the project code or the ini file has not changed, the upload won’t rebuild it. I’m not at my laptop just now, so apologies in advance if I’m talking rubbish!

Then again, if it hasn’t changed, why upload again?

You are aware that the Arduino IDE does the same?


  1. It loses time to check dependencies and then start to build an already built project.
  2. To answer your question I could say that the build all button just builds the project and if there are errors it stops to build it, so seems logical divide the build and the upload functions.
  3. Yes I know it, but Arduino IDE is only the copy of Processing IDE that was the copy of Wire IDE both not born for microcontroller/embedded development and probably the worst IDE(s) never developed. Instead, if you see at professional IDEs for microcontrollers based or not on Eclipse you will find different buttons, build and download (yes, they may call them download or upload), compile a single file, build all the files and download the elf file. It is more logical and useful.