PlatformIO on Clion for Teensy: no target upload

As my Teensy 4.1 based project is growing, I was looking for a better IDE. Currently I am using Arduino 1.8.19 + notepad++.

Now I installed the Jetbrains Clion and followed this blog to use PlatformIO:

I am able to compile and link a (simple) Arduino sketch (renamed it to main.cpp) by pressing the Build button on Clion

I can upload the binary by running the command line “platformio run --target upload”.

I understand that the “Run” button should do exactly this. Right?
There is no action and I get:
04-08-2023 22-06-57

Is it my fault or a general problem?
Have I missed any detail?
Where should I start investigating?

Thanks in advance - Richard

I found by accident a way to activate the “run” button:
in the Clion a menu bar is located at the right edge of the IDE.
click on “platformIO” opens a list of actions:
Click image for larger version. Name:  platformIO-Upload.jpg Views:  0 Size:  128.4 KB ID:  31684
double-click on “Upload” does the job.
now close the subwindow.
The “run” button now works.

have a nice weekend - Richard

I believe the documentation is correct and sufficient for this, right?

When I follow the instructions, I do not get the sub-menues marked in green:


There is no right-arrow to open it.

Is this a special issue with Teensy?

Then the docs might be might wrong after all. Can you flag that in


Here is how it looks on my PC:

Sure, I can report it as a documentation issue.
But my original problem stays … ;(

This is outdated documentation, hopefully will be fixed soon.
Recently the new CLion was released with PlatformIO plugin completely rewritten.

A blog post:

CLion documentation: