Platformio missing "update.h" Code in ArduinoOTA Library; Heltec; heltec_wifi_lora_32_V3; ESP32s3

I am reaching out to seek assistance regarding an issue I encountered while attempting to test the functionality of the library by compiling the WiFi_LoRa_32FactoryTest.ino file. Using platformio.

During the compilation process, I encountered a halt due to the absence of the update.h file in the .pio/libdeps/heltec_wifi_lora_32_V3/ArduinoOTA/src/ArduinoOTA.cpp path.

In file included from .pio/libdeps/heltec_wifi_lora_32_V3/ArduinoOTA/src/ArduinoOTA.cpp:6:
.pio/libdeps/heltec_wifi_lora_32_V3/ArduinoOTA/src/ArduinoOTA.h:6:10: fatal error: Update.h: No such file or directory

here is settup of “platformio.ini”:

platform = espressif32
board = heltec_wifi_lora_32_V3
framework = arduino
upload_protocol = esptool
lib_deps =

I would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to address this issue and successfully compile the mentioned file. If there are any additional steps or configurations required, please provide detailed instructions.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to your assistance in resolving this issue.

This makes no sense – you’re pointing it at repo that has 2 Arduino cores in it (2 framework packages). That is not a library. PlatformIO expects a repository to a single library in there. Remove this line.

If in doubt, also try all available lib ldf modes.

Thank you very much.
After removing this line, I was finally able to compile the test contained in the first library. Unfortunately, this example didn’t help me. I need to run this Factory_second But for that I need to include libraries from of the second gita.
Can I ask you for some suggestions? I’m not that familiar with the advanced PlatformIO technique, the second git should be some executable package. Does that mean I should import it in a different way?
Thanks in advance

I updated my example and that factory test sketch compiles fine. Ofc I have no board to test. Since you’re working with the Heltec board, everything from HELTEC WIFI LORA 32 V3 Compilation Error ESP32 S core issues - #2 by maxgerhardt applies, too.