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PlatformIO & Microchip SAMR34 LoRa

If anyone is interested:

Testing LoRaWAN


Great stuff! This would make an excellent addition to the existing platform-atmelsam which only has one Atmel SAM-R21 chip support. And the, CMSIS, ASF and Blink framework additions are also great.

@ivankravets and/or @valeros can check if integration will be done.

my opinion is … do not mix MCU and SiP chips
there are specific things … will complicating the normal platform
btw: SiP is SAML21+SX1276

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I have tested this platform with a RAK4260 board with minor changes (thanks Georgi) successfully sending multichannel LoRaWAN messages both with abp an ottaa.
Adding Arduino framework to these chips is a great step forward.

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First Great job @WizIO
Hello @mromani
to join otaa have you changed anything other then setting the devEUI, appEUI, appKey?

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