PlatformIO library - LVGLPlusPlus - a C++ easier start to LVGL usage + Samples

Hey all - I’ve been using LVGL for the last year and in the process of getting to know the library a bit, I started working on a way to make it easier for myself to use in C++. After cleaning it up a bit, and pushing the package to the platformio library borg, the result is a C++ wrapper that hopefully adds:

  • Ease of use
  • Lowering the bar for how to get started
  • Being a thin and lightweight wrapper
  • Hiding intricacies for most would-be users
  • Giving a couple of C++ sample projects that can be good starter templates

It’s not fully complete in terms of its support of all the wonderful things LVGL does today, but it is advancing and hopefully useful for many users who are wanting a way to get started without having to understand some of the underlying concepts that can be a bit confusing and error-prone, initially (Yeah - I’m speaking from my own experience here :wink: )

Take a look - the Doxygen docs are pretty complete as well. Give me feedback here or on the Github discussions forum. And go easy on me, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Library is at: LVGLPlusPlus on Github or via platformio as “robobob68/LVGLPlusPlus @ ^1.3.1” and the Doxygen docs are at: LVGLPlusPlus Doxygen Docs

And the two Samples are at: