PlatformIO library for espidf component

Is it possible to create a platformio library for an ESP-IDF component? It seems I have to choose:

  1. Use platformio library manager, library is installed in .pio/libdeps and build using standard platformio toolchain
  2. Clone or submodule the library in components folder and have it treated like esp-idf component, including CMakeFiles.txt and Kconfig processing

What I really want to do is create platformio libraries that will be treated as esp-idf components. It sucks to have projects with dependency and library management done in different ways. One of my favorite parts of platformio is not having to deal with git submodules.

This seems like such an obvious scenario I’m surprised there is no support for it. Especially since there is support for Arduino as ESP-IDF component, which is arguably much harder to implement.


Until this issue is resolved, the only sensible way to add ESP-IDF components is via components, not lib_deps.