Platformio library and its dependencies: not downloaded?


For a project of mine, I’ve set up a separate library (xxxx-lib), which I reference into xxxx-* projects.
For local development, reference is made this way in projects using this lib

lib_deps = 

The lib itself depends on external libs, mentionned in the lib manifest, for example

  "dependencies": [
      "owner": "ottowinter",
      "name": "ESPAsyncWebServer-esphome",
      "platforms": "espressif32",
      "version": "^3.0.0"

However, when trying to build a xxxx-* project (it’s not mentinning the lib’s own dependency in its own platformio.ini lib_deps),

platformio run --environment ser

I get the following error :

.pio/libdeps/ser/xxxx-lib/webserver.cpp:7:10: fatal error: ESPAsyncWebServer.h: No such file or directory

* Looking for ESPAsyncWebServer.h dependency? Check our library registry!
* CLI  > platformio lib search "header:ESPAsyncWebServer.h"
* Web  >

 #include <ESPAsyncWebServer.h>
compilation terminated.

How can we describe lib’s dependencies for a lib (the way we describe it in platformio.ini for a user project)? i thought the lib manifest was the way to go ?

Any idea?

Thank you !

Is the ESPAsyncWebServer library there in .pio/libdeps/ser/? If yes, it’s the LDF mode.

Thank you for replying.

On the “user” project, I do have a directory

which is exactly the dependency from the xxx-lib library manifest.

I decided to wipe my .pio/libdeps directory completely, and the build succeeds after that !

Thanks for pointing me in this dir, anyway.