PlatformIO Labs joins Eclipse Foundation

  • Modern software and new standards enable more developers to tackle the embedded systems and IoT markets
  • Open, flexible, and neutral ecosystem tools improve growth for hardware and toolchain providers

December 1, 2020, PlatformIO Labs, the corporate sponsor of the beloved PlatformIO.Org next-generation, professional collaborative platform for embedded development, today announces joining the Eclipse Foundation to introduce a tighter integration with the Eclipse ecosystem. Read more :point_right:


What does this mean for VSCode support? Given the option, I much prefer VSCode over Eclipse.

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PlatformIO is software and hardware agnostic platform and the goal is to support the most popular instruments in a market. So, we would like to see PlatformIO for Eclipse as an alternative to the PlatformIO for VSCode. Users will be able to decide which combination to use. We also work on other official extensions for other code editors.

We think that we made a great job with PlatformIO + VSCode and we will maintain it until there is demand to it.