PlatformIO is idleing

Windows 10
Every other day PLatformIO starts to idle!
I uninstall it reboot my Computer and then it works for 1 - 2 days and then the same game again.


when i do this

echo %PATH%
python --version
pip --version
pip list
i get without all the system paths

C:\Users\ats37>echo %PYTHONPATH%

C:\Users\ats37>python --version
Python 3.7.5

C:\Users\ats37>pip --version
pip 19.2.3 from c:\users\ats37.platformio\penv\lib\site-packages\pip (python 3.7)

C:\Users\ats37>pip list

Can you open a PIO terminal and post the result of pio home?

–\ PlatformIO Home
/ _-

|[]| [] |

Open PIO Home in your browser by this URL =>
PIO Home has been started. Press Ctrl+C to shutdown.

And the News section is starting again to idle

Is there any difference if you open that URL in your web browser? Is anything else affected other than the Recent News and Recent Projects sections? Can you still open projects? Create new ones? View library and board stuff? Things like that? Any peculiar firewall or AV software settings? i.e. I recently switched to Bitdefender, and in Autopilot mode it was a bit too eager at stopping certain bits of PIO without active notifications… stuff just broke. When I checked the Bitdefender logs, I was able to see what it had been doing and tell it to stop breaking stuff.

Hi good question I uninstalled Avira AntiVir
I did not use PlatforIO for the last 3 hours but I just checked it and core Recent News and recent Projects are idling.

But if you visit the URL shown by pio home do you see a proper webpage or is it not loading at all?

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Have you resolved this issue?

Thx for asking, not really Every other day I uninstall platformIO and reboot my Computer and Install it again. This works. The good thing takes just 5 minutes