PlatformIO Installation Error on Mac (Python not found)


I am attempting to install PlatformIO on an existing Atom installation on my MacBook Pro running OS 10.8.5 and I get the following error:

“PlatformIO is written in Python and depends on it. However, “python” command has not been found in your system PATH. Please install Python 2.7 (PYTHON 3 IS NOT SUPPORTED YET) and don’t forget to “Add python.exe to Path” on the “Customize” stage.”

Immediately after the error are three buttons: “Abort PlatformIO IDE Installation”, “Try Again” and “Install Python 2.7”

This looks like a Windows error (referencing PATH and python.exe), so I’m not sure what that is about. But I’d love some guidance!

When I open Terminal and type in python, Python 2.7.11 loads fine (python is a symlink to python2.7 in Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/bin).

I tested this, then just to make certain everything was default, I clicked the “Install Python 2.7” button and performed a new installation. Still no love.

I also have Python 3.5 installed, but it uses python3.5 symlink, pointing to Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.5/bin.

Again, I’m psyched to start using PlatformIO and would greatly appreciate any guidance/help/advice that anyone can offer. Please just let me know if you need any further information and I will provide it ASAP.

Thank you!

This means that IDE cannot find a Python 2.7 in your $PATH. This is not Windows-specific. Text is somehow misleading, I agree.

I suppose, the $PATH the Atom is executed with differs from the $PATH set in your Terminal. Please try to start Atom from a Terminal to make it inherit a correct $PATH, and then repeat the installation.

I fixed it in bbb7603d3a.

Which version of PlatformIO IDE do you use? Please check it via Menu: PlatformIO > Help > About.

Thank you for the quick reply!

I started Atom from Terminal and everything works great!

Thank you, again!

Thanks for clarifying the error message, Ivan! I’m certain it will help anyone who has this issue in the future.

All the best!