Platformio.ini read order

Hi All,

My son and I are getting up to speed on platformio. Currently I have all of his boards working with blink.
Love the simplicity of platform install and library installs… by far the best environment for running multiple boards from a linux terminal based system.

My question is around the use of platformio.ini file.
Can a basic platformio.ini file be set up in ~/.platformio/platformio.ini with all board defs and some generic lib entries. And then also have the local to project platformio.ini file with any specific needs be merged during the build stages… ?
Is this how it works?

Or would this be a feature request I could make on the issues page?


  • kevin

I don’t think this would be desirable. One of the biggest annoyances with the basic Arduino IDE is that it requires all libraries to be installed in a global directory.

This is bad, because it means you can’t just give your project to someone with a different computer, and expect it to work.

So similarly, requiring a specific ~/.platformio/platformio.ini in order to build correctly is a bad idea.

Perhaps pio init could use a custom template file which is simply copied into the project directory, which would I think solve your problem

Thanks for the reply.

I see what you are getting at if it were to user a merge strategy.

Yes I think you are right…
If there was a base ini that pio init could grab (or not) that would allow what I’m after.
Perhaps that could be the feature request. :slight_smile:

  • thanks