platformIO.ini ESP32-S3

this is not an important question
I fiddle with an ESP32-S3 and Bodmers eSPI
this is my Pin assignments in Setup70b_ESP32_S3_ILI9341.h and it work

// Setup for the ESP32 S3 with ILI9341 display
// Note SPI DMA with ESP32 S3 is not currently supported
#define USER_SETUP_ID 70
// See SetupX_Template.h for all options available
#define ILI9341_DRIVER

                    // Typical board default pins - change to match your board
#define TFT_CS   10 //     10 or 34 (FSPI CS0) 
#define TFT_RST   6
#define TFT_DC    7
#define TFT_MOSI 35 //     11 or 35 (FSPI D)
#define TFT_SCLK 36 //     12 or 36 (FSPI CLK)
#define TFT_MISO 37 //     13 or 37 (FSPI Q)

// Use pins in range 0-31

//#define TOUCH_CS 16 // Optional for touch screen

#define LOAD_GLCD
#define LOAD_FONT2
#define LOAD_FONT4
#define LOAD_FONT6
#define LOAD_FONT7
#define LOAD_FONT8
#define LOAD_GFXFF


// FSPI (or VSPI) port (SPI2) used unless following defined. HSPI port is (SPI3) on S3.
//#define USE_HSPI_PORT

//#define SPI_FREQUENCY  27000000
// #define SPI_FREQUENCY  40000000   // Maximum for ILI9341

//#define SPI_READ_FREQUENCY  6000000 // 6 MHz is the maximum SPI read speed for the ST7789V

#define SPI_TOUCH_FREQUENCY 2500000

I also have the Yellow cheap Display ESP32-2432S028
and in this example is this platformIO.ini and it works.
I altered the ini for the ESP32-S3 and I don’t get it to work
Does someone know how to change so I can run the ESP32-S3
because then I don’t have to change the files in bodmer/TFT_eSPI

src_dir = .   ; src/main.cpp
default_envs = cyd ; ???

platform = espressif32 ;OK
board = esp32-s3-devkitc-1
framework = arduino
lib_deps = 
monitor_speed = 115200
monitor_filters = esp32_exception_decoder
upload_speed = 921600
build_flags =

build_flags =

build_flags =