PlatformIO in Atom wtih Python Anaconda

Dear PlatformIO community,
first, I would like to apologize. I’ve found a few posts on this topic already, but if I’m honest I did not understand them.
I recently got into programming about a year ago. I’ve started with python/Anaconda as it was the best tool to help me with school assignments (I study finance). Now I got a chance to program some hardware (Arduino) and would like to instal PlatformIO on Atom for the best experience. But the problem is that whenever I begin to instal PlatformIO I get the message “PlatformIO can not find python 3.5+ interpreter”. I get the option to find the interpreter manually, which is located at “C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3” but I still get the same message.
Please advise.

Thank you for your time and replies!

Attempting to use PlatformIO with Atom and Anaconda is pretty much the worst-case scenario, because

  1. Atom support has been deprectated in favor of VSCode. VSCode is the thing that gets you the intended PlatformIO experience. Atom hasn’t been updated for 3/4 of a year now.
  2. From my experience on the forum here, Anaconda takes control of the system’s Python environment in a not-so-nice way, leading to many conflicts with PlatformIO, such as overriding the default Python interpreter and internal Python libraries, e.g. as seen yesterday in I cannot debug with J-Link.

You may of course still attempt to get a successful installation. The first thing will to do will be to get the requirements installed, which means getting a decently recent Python version. I’m using a Python 3.8 installation, at least 3.6 is needed. You should probably install Python Release Python 3.8.10 |

With that installed you can change the interpreter path to the Python 3.8 installation and, while praying Anaconda does not interfere, attempt PlatformIO installation with that.

Otherwise, try giving VSCode + PlatformIO a go.