PlatformIO IDE install and running issues with proxy

I am having problems with PltaformIO installation. This problem is very similar to issue posted over 3 years ago:

I have followed all the steps but still no solution. Such as installing manually and different proxy settings.

I am running vscode version 1.86.0 under windows 11. Basically, platform IO was working fine. Now every time I start VScode I have to install as an extension. I install but is hangs and gives a proxy error. VS code says it has been installed on the install list but I cannot use it as it just gives proxy and timeout errors after installition.

As per the previous post I use proxy setting such as:

“http.proxySupport”: “on”,
“http.proxy”: “http://user:pass@proxysettings”,
“http.proxyStrictSSL”: false,
“http.proxyAuthorization”: null

where user, pass and proxy settings are my own settings. These settings are correct as I have to use them to install new python packages through pip.

Is anyone else currently having problems with this issue?

Please file an issue in to get in contact with the developers.

Could you remove %HOMEDIR%/.platformio folder and restart VSCode?