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PlatformIO IDE for VSCode 2.5 🚀

We are happy to announce the major release of PlatformIO IDE for Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode)


Requires PlatformIO Core 6.0 or above

  • Added a new “Dependencies” group to the Project Tasks
    • List project dependencies
    • Check outdated project dependencies
    • Update project dependencies
  • Added “Verbose Test” to the Project Tasks
  • Added the “Test” button to the PlatformIO Toolbar
  • Switched to the official PlatformIO Core 6.0 public API
  • Updated installer script to v1.1.2
  • Ensure that the PlatformIO Core installer script is not corrupted (issue #3084)
  • Removed deprecated “updates” related command in favor of project dependency management (issue #3219)
  • Fixed a bug with the handling of package registry mirrors

See PlatformIO IDE 2.5.0 for VSCode Release Notes for details.


Please navigate to “VSCode > View > Extensions” and click “Update”.

Your friends at PlatformIO

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Removing updates commands doesn’t make me happy.
Why doing simply when you can do it more complicated :roll_eyes:

The pio update command does NOTHING. See platformio-core/ at develop · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub
This is the reason why we removed it from UI.

Nevertheless, the package update task was added to your Project Tasks. Please check the “Dependencies” group.

That’s what I mean with doing not the simple way, why in “Project” Tasks when I want update the platform at all, that have no logic. I can remember that there was in former times a simply task button in the toolbar. Also missing rebuild index task in the Pio menu.

Development platform belongs to the project. You can’t use any dev platform. The best practice is to declare strict semantic versioning - platform = myplatform @ ^1.2.3 . So, this is the only way to guarantee full reproducibility between dev-platform updates.

If you use dev-platform without version requirements, the “latest” installed version will be used in this case. For example, if you espressif32 dev-platform, and 100 projects that depend on it as platform = espressif32, you can just update this dev-platform for one project, and the rest 99 will use the newest version. Shortly, “development platforms” are not duplicated per project and are reusable.

We didn’t remove it. It is still presented on Project Tasks.