PlatformIO IDE for VSCode 1.4.0: Full support for Assembly projects

We’re happy to announce the next release of PlatformIO IDE for VSCode 1.4.0 with full support for Assembly based projects!

What is new

  • PIO Unified Debugger:
    • Full support for Assembly based projects (issue #113)
    • Allowed to set breakpoints in UI for Assembly language
    • Added RISC-V and MIPS mnemonics to Assembly grammar
  • Notify about conflicted extensions with IntelliSense (issue #118)

See PlatformIO IDE for VSCode Release Notes for details.


VSCode > View > Extensions > Check for Extension Updates.


PIO Plus Team

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Hi, getting started using C++ was very easy. However, I would like to give assembly a try but can’t seem to find any tuitorial how to do that in Platformio. Note: I am fimiliar with assembly in general just not how to in PlatformIO. Can you please point me to some material or examples?

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This tutorial should be useful for you RISC-V ASM Video Tutorial — PlatformIO latest documentation

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Helpful indeed! thanks!