Platformio ide features


I work under ubuntu 16.04, sometimes under win10 also, i program arduino, bareboard with different size of attiny, and recently i moved to maple so stm32f103. Before the end of the year i will also try the raspberry 3 and 0

Untill now i only used the arduino IDE

I just discovered about platformio and i have some simple doubt:

  1. could i use it completely alone for all these boards (arduino, attiny, stm, RP)? Is it simple to swith to a board to another?
  2. if it doesn t exist can i create my board, for example, with the attiny?
  3. with the stm32 there is the possibility to do inside debug of the code (i just know it is possibile and i never tried it) how does it work? The ide handles it? I just need a stlink v1/2 or black probe to do it or more hardware?
  4. about the library i see that i could decide a different directory for different versions of library for different architectures, is it correct?
  5. i was also tempted by eclipse, what are the difference?

Thanks for whoever would answer to one or more point!