PlatformIO IDE can't find Python interpreter on Linux

Trying to install PlatformIO IDE on VS Code in Ubuntu (20.04.3)
Python 3.8 was installed by default
Downloaded VS Code from Ubuntu Software
Python extension works fine
PlatformIO always throws error:
Can not find working Python 3.6+ Interpreter. Please install the latest Python 3 and restart VSCode
I have tried to make symbolic link called “python”, but it doesn’t work
Writing path to executable doesn’t work


DId you do a sudo apt install python3-venv beforehand?


No, I didn’t
Python worked fine without that and VS Code extensions worked fine without that

The PlatformIO core installer requires it. Installing it via the docs will lead you to the same answer.
(Update link: PlatformIO IDE for VSCode — PlatformIO latest documentation)


It works now fine

Would be possible to update PlatformIO IDE for VSCode — PlatformIO latest documentation ?

Please file it in Issues · platformio/platformio-docs · GitHub

I have prepared PR, but I have no access to obviously. Can I become member? Is it too bureaucratic way to achieve that?

PRs should work fine. The project is (sponsered) open-source.

I will delete these of topic comments later, but do I need invitation (push permission) to GitHub - platformio/platformio-docs: PlatformIO Documentation?

I am getting an error
fatal: unable to access ‘GitHub - platformio/platformio-docs: PlatformIO Documentation’: The requested URL returned error: 403
remote: Permission to platformio/platformio-docs.git denied to sany3001.

You cannot push directly. You need to go through the process of pull requests. Fork the repo, clone your forked repo, make the changes you wanted, push to your forked repo, then on your forked repo a “contribute” button will appear.


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Thanks a lot! I am used to just do branch. Working from command line. :frowning: Sorry.