PlatformIO IDE 2.0 Beta 3 with PIO Unified Debugger

Finally, PlatformIO IDE 2.0 Beta 3 for Atom is out with PIO Unified Debugger!

It Just Works. Easier than ever before!

  • 100+ embedded boards
  • Multiple architectures and development platforms
  • Zero Configuration
  • Windows, MacOS, Linux

A project can contain multiple environments with different boards/architectures. Also, you can debug simultaneously the same project with multiple debug environments and boards.

!!! No need to install extra software, prepare firmware for debugging or spend time on debug tools configuration. All should work without extra steps, PIO Core+ resolves this complicated work automatically “on-the-fly” !!!


PlatformIO IDE: Please click on Settings :gear: in Toolbar and follow to Updates section.

This is great!!

I hope to have time to play with this soon!!

Do you have any board with on-board debugger? See supported list Redirecting...

I have supported Nucleo boards (STM32) and a support STlink V2. I can try both, which appear to be supported.

Thanks again!!