PlatformIO IDE 1.1.0 and PlatformIO CLI 2.8.6

PlatformIO IDE 1.1.0 and PlatformIO CLI 2.8.6 are out.

Release Notes

PlatformIO IDE 1.1.0

  • Automatically rebuild C/C++ Project Index (Autocomplete, Linter) when new
    libraries are added or “platformio.ini” is modified
  • Pause serial monitor during upload (#45)
  • Better handling of an active project
  • Prevented unnecessary displaying of “PlatformIO IDE installation suspended”
  • Fixed “‘platformio’ could not be spawned” (#66)
  • Fixed error matcher for build results. Use cmd-alt-g / ctrl-alt-g /
    f4 to cycle through causes of build error

PlatformIO CLI 2.8.6

  • Launched PlatformIO Community Forums (issue #530)
  • Added support for ARM mbed-enabled board Seed Arch Max (STM32F407VET6) (issue #572)
  • Improved DNS lookup for PlatformIO API
  • Updated Arduino Wiring-based framework to the latest version for Atmel AVR/SAM development platforms
  • Updated “Teensy Loader CLI” and fixed uploading of large .hex files (issue #568)
  • Updated the support for Sanguino Boards (issue #586)
  • Better handling of used boards when re-initialize/update project
  • Improved support for non-Unicode user profiles for Windows OS
  • Disabled progress bar for download operations when prompts are disabled
  • Fixed multiple definition errors for ST STM32 development platform and ARM mbed framework (issue #571)
  • Fixed invalid board parameters (reset method and baudrate) for a few ESP8266 based boards
  • Fixed “KeyError: ‘content-length’” in PlatformIO Download Manager (issue #591)

Major changes in PlatformIO IDE

Pause Serial Monitor before Upload

Automatically rebuild C/C++ Project Index (Autocomplete, Linter)


  • PlatformIO IDE: Please click on Settings :gear: in Toolbar and follow to Updates section.
  • PlatformIO CLI: Please run platformio upgrade.

PlatformIO IDE

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