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PlatformIO Home does not open inside VSCode when *not* using "Builtin PIOCore"

When I open PIO Home from VSCode it’s just loading until timeout.

Console contains a lot of message, the last ones are “PlatformIO Core is not installed”. That might explains some problem… :slight_smile:

I have PlatformIO installed from Homebrew.
In the VSCode extension settings I have the “Use Builtin PIOCore” unchecked. pio command can be run from the console (also the ‘pio home’), and all other functions of the IDE integration seams to be working (e.g build, upload, monitor).

PIO Core version is 5.0.3
PlatformIO IDE plugin version is v2.2.1

(By the way. Can it be happen, that I have already posted this issue already somewhere, or it just a dejavu? :slight_smile:)

According to the VSCode developer console I could narrow down the issue to python.
The problem was, that PlatformIO does not come with it’s own python, but is still requires the platformio python module to be installed. (Not sure why it is not installed/checked by the updater.)

As I have both PlatformIO and Python installed by Homebrew, I needed to run the following command:

/usr/local/bin/pip3 install platformio

(No documentation found from this however.)