PlatformIO for VSCode offline installation

I need to debug Pixhawk flight controller with Black Magic probe.
The best option for the IDE is VSCode + PlatformIO.
The problem is that the Linux machine that have to do that is not connected to the internet.
I’d like to install PlatformIO on VSCode on Linux (Ubuntu) machine that is not connected to the internet.
How can i do that ?
I have another Linux machine that is connected.
Can i set up everything i need on one machine and then copy to another ?
Instructions to do the same with Netbeans are also welcome, if it simpler.

Oh… It seems that it will be so complicated to get it working. VSCode will require an Internet to download dependent packages, then packages depends on own tools (Microsoft C/C++ extension). Also, PlatformIO Core is written in Python and depends on a few public packages from PyPi registry. Finally, you will need Internet to create PIO Account and activate it to do debugging.

I’ll think on that how to resolve this issue in the near future. Sorry :frowning:

Thank you.
Hope to hear about this soon.
PIO + VSCode is a great IDE for embedded development.
It will be very useful to have such ability for lots of commercial developers which have limited access to the Internet.

Just a thought, would using PIO with Atom help with this? I’ve used Atom on offline Linux boxes before without any problems. Admittedly this is not a complete solution as PIO is a total pain the second it can’t connect to the internet but at least the problems that need resolving will be reduced. It just depends on whether you are able to use Atom instead of VSCode.

Thank you for the idea.
As far as i understand, the problem is that PIO, wants to be connected to the internet to grab platforms and compatible CPUs.
I will try it.