PlatformIO for a HiLetgo D1 Mini (uses ESP 8285)

I am trying to get an iSpindle working with the HiLetgo D1 mini. When I bought these, I didn’t realize that there were 31different flavors of D1 Mini’s. I have tried using the Generic 8285 changes and end up with build errors of undefined D1 Mini specific inputs. It is also saying that SPIFFS is being deprecated and to use LittleFS. One other concern is that the ESP8285 needs to use DOUT to load successfully.
Can anyone provide me some direction on what to try? This is my first attempt using VSC and PlatformIO and programming an Arduino processor…

Is it not a clone of the Wemos D1 mini and thus Redirecting... is the right board for it?

Also note that every aspect is user-configurable, as shown in docs, so you can e.g. adapt the flash mode etc.

See docs for changing filesystems. If the error comes from a library and it needs to use SPIFFS, than that is of no concern. Since you haven’t shown the full error message of code, it’s hard to say what’s the case here.

The docs were very helpful – thank you. I think that the problem I am having now is that I can’t build the filesystem. I end up with the error :[.pio\build\d1_mini\littlefs.bin] Error 148 every time I try. If I have read the documents correctly, this needs to get uploaded separately from the code. Since the esp8285 has only 1M flash. The PlatformIO file looks like:
platform = espressif8266
board = d1_mini
framework = arduino
monitor_speed = 115200
upload_speed = 115200
board_build.filesystem = littlefs
board_build.flash_mode = dout
board_build.f_cpu = 80000000L
board_build.mcu = esp8285

This compiles and uploads, but it can not open a config file
Any insights would be much appreciated.

Please still remove this.

This linker script allocates 0 bytes for “SPIFFS” (or any filesystem), thus building a filesystem fails.

Choose a different linker script as noted in docs, e.g eagle.flash.1m128.ld for a 128KB partition for the filesystem.

Are you sure? What does say in the “Autodetected” line for the flash size when you do an “Upload”?