PlatformIO ESP8266 debugging

Apparently debugging is possible and is working on other platforms:

Visual Studio (via Visual Micro extenstion):

Eclipse (using GDBStub):

Is PIO looking into options to add debugging for ESP8266 given it is possible?

We are working on that. Stay tuned with us

Any update on the eps8266 unified debugger ability?



You say “there is a hardware issue”, could you please be more specific? I’d like to understand why it is not possible on POI when it is working on other IDEs.

Thanks in advance.

I’m also curious… I don’t know much about ‘actual’ debugging on the ESP8266 (as opposed to the Arduino littering of serial print statements) and am wondering if PIO can somehow take advantage of esp-gdbstub to do debugging… although limited to one hardware breakpoint and one hardware watchpoint… the issue of software breakpoins only working for code in RAM, and the hardware breakpoint only working for code on flash… and the WiFi stack causing the whole thing to crash if the cpu is stopped for too long… er… I think it’s probably a whole disaster just waiting to happen. But it will sill be nice! :smiley: :angel:

This would be so great… I am hoping to see it working…

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IS this available now? I am looking for ESP8266 debugger.

I found out how to get this working with GDB stub (in the Arduino framework) and VSCode with the Platformio plugin. The how-to setup and work around the ESP8266 hardware limitation is written up here:

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