PlatformIO error on mac


Im new to the whole platformIO/VisualStudio environment. I had issues initially installing platformio directly through visual studio, had to use home-brew. Now when I try opening platformio after installation, I get the error as shown in the image. Any leads on how to fix this?

“Error: Detected unknown package 'tool-pioplus”
(Mac User here)

Do you use a proxy? What is your macOS version?

No proxy, Mac OS Sierra version 10.12

Please scroll down in “QUICK ACCESS” view and open PIO terminal. Type pio home. It should install all dependencies.

I tried it. It states that its installing tool-pioplus then the following error of unknown tool-pioplus pops up.

pio home
CorePackageManager: Installing tool-pioplus @ ^1.4.5
Error: Detected unknown package ‘tool-pioplus’

Please open system terminal (not PIO IDE Terminal) and provide an output of

python --version
pip --version
pip list

Python version 2.7.9
pip version 1.5.6
pip list
altgraph (0.10.2)
bdist-mpkg (0.5.0)
bonjour-py (0.3)
macholib (1.5.1)
matplotlib (1.3.1)
modulegraph (0.10.4)
numpy (1.8.0rc1)
pip (1.5.6)
py2app (0.7.3)
pyobjc-core (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-Accounts (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-AddressBook (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-AppleScriptKit (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-AppleScriptObjC (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-Automator (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-CFNetwork (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-Cocoa (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-Collaboration (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-CoreData (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-CoreLocation (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-CoreText (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-DictionaryServices (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-EventKit (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-ExceptionHandling (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-FSEvents (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-InputMethodKit (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-InstallerPlugins (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-InstantMessage (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-LatentSemanticMapping (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-LaunchServices (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-Message (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-OpenDirectory (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-PreferencePanes (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-PubSub (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-QTKit (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-Quartz (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-ScreenSaver (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-ScriptingBridge (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-SearchKit (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-ServiceManagement (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-Social (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-SyncServices (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-SystemConfiguration (2.5.1)
pyobjc-framework-WebKit (2.5.1)
pyOpenSSL (0.13.1)
pyparsing (2.0.1)
python-dateutil (1.5)
pytz (2013.7)
scipy (0.13.0b1)
setuptools (7.0)
six (1.4.1)
wsgiref (0.1.2)
xattr (0.6.4)
zope.interface (4.1.1)

Please run the next in system terminal

sudo pip install -U pip setuptools

Now, please remove ~/.platformio/penv folder and restart IDE.

Ive attached the screen shot of the outcome. How do I go about removing the folder ~/.platformio/penv and from where ?

Please open click on Terminal icon (bottom toolbar in VSCode) and type

pio home

Do you see any errors?

Error: Detected unknown package ‘tool-pioplus’