Platformio don't correct make platformio.ini

About system:

  1. Linux distros x86_64: debian 12, ubuntu 22.04(probably because not mine) and gentoo
  2. VSCode: 1.88.1
  3. PlatformIO: 3.3.3, 3.3.0 (install another version)

Some time ago I needed to work with esp32-c3, for which I needed to install the esp32 kernel for the arduino environment. But then I had problems related to the fact that the creation of the project was spinning endlessly in the initialization stage. To solve the problem I:

  1. rebooted the computer
  2. rolled back the PIO version to 3.3.0
  3. Removed .platformio, .vscode, .config/Code from the home directory.
  4. I checked the functionality on different ubuntu/debian/gentoo distributions.

In addition, the kernels for stm32f411 also did not work (some of the tests were carried out for them). In this case, the project is created and successfully compiled for arduino uno.

Now i can create project but it has double platformio.ini config
for example: