Platformio does not Run after VSCode update

After Update to VSCode 1.37 platformio does not Run

Message: The terminal Shell path “platformio” does not exist

A downgrade so Version 1.36.1 helped to solve the issue. However i cannot run Pio in VSCode terminal anymore and i get a message

“Obsolete PIO Code v4.0.0 ist used
Please remove multiple PIO Codes from a system”

How to cope with all this stuff?

Regards Andreas

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I also noticed this issue this morning after updating to 1.37 of VSCode and had to downgrade. I did notice that if I executed PlatformIO: New Terminal. That I could then run platformIO run and it would execute successfully but not if I did Task: Build (ctrl + alt + b)

Edit: I guess I should have mentioned this is on Ubuntu 18.04

OS? Windows? Linux? Mac? Other?

I just updated to 1.37.0 (on Windows 10) since it’s out and sounds like it’s glitchy with PlatformIO… but it seems to be working fine for me… all five ways of running a build worked fine (yes, had to stop and count… at least five ways to do it…sidebar, statusbar, keyboard shortcut, terminal, command palette) … but unfortunately cannot reproduce the issues.

It seems to be Mac/Unix related - there are several comments on this here in the last few hours.

For the Obsolete PIO Core v4.0.0 warning… it sounds like there are multiple core versions installed or perhaps a failed update to PIO… I would simply close VSCode, navigate to the HOMEDIR/.platformio folder and delete it (or at least rename it, so you have a backup if things go terribly, terribly wrong), and restart VSCode so that the PlatformIO VSCode extension can do a clean reinstall of PlatformIO.

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Reinstallation does not help…

Executing task in folder st_new_blink: platformio run <

The terminal shell path “platformio” does not exist

Thanks, I have got it running! I have also seen the Link in VSCode but this simple way to delete HOMEDIR/.platformio folder was not shown their (at least I have not seen it) After re-opening of VSCode the platformIO IDE has been reinstalled. The Message regarding multiple core versions disappeared. Now, i have the same state as before the VSCode Update to version 1.37.

What i really appreciate is the fact that you find links how to solve even I was not able to use the information in the right way…

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lol… yeah, it’s not there, because it’s the nuclear solution… but since PlatformIO will just rebuild/reinstall itself, it’s also the simplest and most reliable.

I am on Linux, but this should work for OSX as well:

  1. Open ~/.bashrc (or ~/.zshrc if you’re using ZSH)

  2. Append at the end of the file:

    # PlatformIO
    export PIOROOT=$HOME/.platformio
    export PATH=$PATH:$PIOROOT/penv/bin
  3. Restart VSCode

After this change everything run smoothly for me.

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