PlatformIO debug is very slow using OpenOCD and GDB

Hi, I faced the same issue when I use openocd and gdb in VSCode with platformio plugin, but I found it is really slow, I waited about 1 minute to see it enter to first breakpoint, and when I tried to step it, 30 seconds wait is needed. And then I switched to eclipse ide, but I can smoothly debug it. I am using the same toolchain and openocd, what can be related to this issue?

I directly use ftdi as debug tool, and I created platform support for our internal platform.

And for the eclipse debug with openocd and gdb, I mean directly use it, not using the platformio init --ide eclipse one.

description =
    A simple "Hello, World!" example to demonstrate printf and build environment.

platform = nuclei
framework = nuclei-sdk
board = hbird
monitor_speed = 115200

For debugger support, is there any specific treak need to done?