PlatformIO Core 4.0.3

We’re happy to announce the next release of PlatformIO Core 4.0.3!


What is new

See PlatformIO 4.0.3 Release Notes for details.


  • PlatformIO IDE:
    - Atom: Menu: PlatformIO > Upgrade PlatformIO Core
    - VSCode: Left Sidebar > PlatformIO (icon) > Quick Access > Upgrade PlatformIO Core
  • Terminal: Please run pio upgrade command in terminal.

The PlatformIO Team

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It would be great if you can enable the .ccls generation for emacs as an IDE too - Emacs has a very healthy ccls integration : GitHub - emacs-lsp/emacs-ccls: Emacs client for ccls, a C/C++ language server


You can re-test with

pio upgrade --dev
pio init --ide emacs

Seems to work nicely. Many thanks.

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Ivan. how do I make pio init put in custom ccls directives? eg

%h -x c++-header

(treat all .h headers as c++)

and/or alter the GnuC versions? eg

%c -std=c14
%cpp -std=c++14




Just use Redirecting...

I had a look and its not immediately obvious to me how I have pio init write something like

%h -x c++-header

out to clang section of .ccls. I dont see some “passthru” option. I’m not a llvm/gcc/clang guru so am probably a tad confused.

FWIW I also couldnt figure out how to get a different CPP version written out to the .ccls file. I read through the docs and really couldnt figure out how to override the .ccls “%cpp -std=c++11” line. Could you give me a pointer please.

Could you try passing CPP flags directly using extra script Redirecting... ?