PlatformIO Core 3.6.6

We’re happy to announce the next release of PlatformIO Core 3.6.6!


What is new

  • Project Generator: fixed a warning “Property !!! WARNING !!! is not allowed” for VSCode (issue #2243)
  • Fixed an issue when PlatformIO Build System does not pick up “mbed_lib.json” files from libraries (issue #2164)
  • Fixed an error with conflicting declaration of a prototype (Arduino sketch preprocessor)
  • Fixed “FileExistsError” when platformio ci command is used in pair with --keep-build-dir option
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect order of project “include” and “src” paths in CPPPATH (issue #1914)

See PlatformIO 3.6.6 Release Notes for details.


  • PlatformIO IDE:
    - Atom: Menu: PlatformIO > Upgrade PlatformIO Core
    - VSCode: Left Sidebar > PlatformIO (icon) > Quick Access > Upgrade PlatformIO Core
  • Terminal: Please run pio upgrade command in terminal.

PIO Plus Team