PlatformIO Core 3.2 Beta 2

:fire: PlatformIO Core 3.2b2 and PIO Plus 0.5.0 are out! :fire:

Please pio upgrade host machines and PIO Remote Agents to the latest development version.

  • New docs for PlatformIO Core
  • Improved network stability for PIO Remote Agent
  • Automatic updates for PIO Remote Agent. Now, no need to stop daemon and update it manually. PIO Cloud will do it automatically
  • Optimized OTA Firmware Updates when —build-remotely option is used
  • New remote commands: pio remote agent reload (allows remotely reload specified agents) and pio remote update, that allows to update development platforms, packages and installed libraries on remote machine
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

We would be thankful for any feedback.

The PlatformIO Plus Team