PlatformIO Configuring project: Already up-to-date. Updating metadata

Im getting a popup every time i type and make a small change to the source files. At first it says “Configuring project:Resolving xxx serial dependencies…”
Then changes to “PlatformIO Configuring project: Already up-to-date. Updating metadata…”.
On a MAC Studio, latest VSCODE, latest OS, deleted .platformio, reinstalled VSCODE and PIO.
I attached a video.

So after deleting .platformio folder, deleting and reinstalling vscode i had an issue getting my project to build.
it appears that the python version getting installed with the platformio ext is not compatible with m1 silicon.
i needed to get my project running again, so i reverted to the deleted .platformio folder.
that seems like it took care of the previous issue for some reason as well.
i will try to post more details about the fresh install issue.

I am having the same issue. During code compile or at some random time the ‘Output’ window overlaps with the ‘Terminal’ window with this information:
"Resolving esp32dev dependencies…
Library Manager: Installing ^2.0.0.
Already up-to-date.
Updating metadata for the vscode IDE…
Project has been successfully updated!"
This is very annoying, especially during compile time because it happens in the middle of the compilation.
Any reason for this to happen?

Can we get reproducable step-by-step instructions on how to trigger this? Usually this should only appear when you change the platformio.ini, add a new library or change environments.

This only happens in my last project. I am testing the library ‘esp32_smartdisplay’, which is also using ‘Unity’ and ’ lvgl’ libraries.

My platformio.ini file:
platform = espressif32
board = esp32dev
framework = arduino
lib_deps = rzeldent/esp32_smartdisplay@^1.0.4

monitor_speed = 115200

build_flags =
-D LV_CONF_PATH=“${platformio.src_dir}/lv_conf.h”
-D ESP32_3248S035C

Any Update on this, I have the same issue, the Task with Updating metadata for the vscode IDE… never finishes and so the environment is unusable. My internet is quite fast. So it must be something else that did go wrong about a month ago

Try removing build flags one at a time until it clears.

I am having this issue also.
No build flags in my

MACOS (intel) and VScode all on latest patches.

Could you provide more details on your issue?

I re-did my platformio.ini and it seems ok now.
Still struggling learning how platformio uses the folder setups.