PlatformIO commercial use [SOLVED]

I read some forum answers but im still confused. I want to use PlatformIO in a project that can be a commercial project in the near future. I want to use PlatformIO from VScode plugins. Is it free for commercial purposes if i dont need Developers or Enterprise features (support for PlatformIO team etc)?

I saw an answer about PlatformIO core is free but PlatformIO IDE is not free for commercial use…
Which one platformIO is the plugin in Visual Studio Code?

thanks in advance

Everything is FREE and OPEN-SOURCE for the end developer since June 2019 and you can use it with confidence even for commercial projects.

Yes, some features such as PIO Unified Debugger, PIO Unit Testing, and PIO Remote WERE paid till June 2019. Thanks to a partnership with Western Digital and SiFive companies whole our ecosystem is free and open-source now. You can read more here


So, to summarize:
PlatformIO Core and PlatformIO IDE are both free for personal and commercial use.
You dont have to pay anything.
You can pay if you want for extra support features provided by PlatformIO team.

Correct. The only paid component to PlatformIO is premium support, thanks to the WD/SiFive partnership.


i feel so stupid, i didnt search this all this time…
I would use PlatformIO IDE with peace of mind months earlier…

thank you