PlatformIO CLI 2.10.3

PlatformIO CLI 2.10.3 is released!

Release Notes

  • Added support for ST Nucleo L031K6 board to ARM mbed framework
  • Process build_unflags option for ARM mbed framework
  • Updated Intel ARC32 Arduino framework to v1.0.6
    (issue #695)
  • Improved a check of program size before uploading to the board
  • Fixed issue with ARM mbed framework -u _printf_float and
    -u _scanf_float when parsing $LINKFLAGS
  • Fixed issue with ARM mbed framework and extra includes for the custom boards,
    such as Seeeduino Arch Pro
  • Fixed issue with platformio init --ide command


Command Line / Terminal

> platformio upgrade

# or using `pip` (Python Package Manager)
> pip install -U platformio

PlatformIO CLI in PlatformIO IDE

Please click on Menu: PlatformIO > Upgrade PlatformIO.

PlatformIO IDE